About GenZ

Generation Z, also known as Centennials, Post-Millennials, or iGeneration, are kids born in 2000 or later. Now in their teens or high school, the Gen Z population numbers some 2 billion globally. In the Philippines, Gen Z or the Zentennials make up roughly 30 percent of the population and only two countries in the world that has a big population of kids of this generation.

The Zentennials grew up with technology. These kids are digital natives who not only
process information faster, but are also great multi-taskers. They can’t wait to get on with their lives, opting to join the workforce at an earlier age or take the entrepreneurial route to start their own ventures. Though they are global thinkers, they place a very high value on individuality. They want to make their mark on the world… now!

With their global perspective and digital savvy, the Zentennials have the potential to be one of the best, if not the greatest generation on the planet!

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